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        Xuchang mayor Zhang Guohui inspected Ruimei postganglionic resumption of production.

          The morning of 2.17, mayor Zhang Guohui to the Swiss beauty really see postganglionic resumption of work and production situation. He pointed out that, at all levels and departments as soon as possible to dilute the festive atmosphere, quickly into the work of the state, to create a good environment, to solve practical problems, and urge enterprises to fully resume production, for a quarter of a "good " to lay a solid foundation. Municipal Standing Committee Zheng Chuande together, Municipal Supervision Bureau, Financial Bureau, industry and information department office chairman Comrade, accompanied by Zhang Xihe.

          Mayor Zhang Guohui has the full resumption of work went into production workshop, staff, deep in conversation, production and operation of enterprises understand the postganglionic. He said, enterprises are the creators of material wealth, Xuchang to achieve a comprehensive well-off society in the grand goal, is inseparable from the city's enterprises work hard and perseveringly, inseparable from the broad masses of workers for their hard work, hope that all enterprises in the city to hype, as soon as possible resumption of production, hope that the majority of workers to return to the line of work, to create more wealth, contribute to a comprehensive well-off society.



          Look, Zhang Guohui points out, the development of enterprises, is the result of the efforts of enterprises and departments to vigorously support the role of the common. Key enterprises to raise the level of scientific management, technological innovation, product structure adjustment, improve the level of information, promoting the " two of " fusion of hard skills, be good at summing up, drawing on his own and other successful business experience, lessons, continuously improve the level of development. To strengthen the analysis evaluation, the establishment of professional team, the state policy, market trends, the direction of enterprise development prospective, strategic research, continuously improve the level of scientific decision-making, enhance the ability to adapt the market economy.

          Zhang Guohui points out, the various departments at all levels should put one's heart and soul into helping enterprises to solve practical problems, create a good environment for the development of enterprises. City letter, finance and other departments to collect, help solve problems such as land, capital of enterprise development, boosting enterprises as soon as possible, accelerate the development of production. In the " NPC and CPPCC " before a research focus on existing problems in the first echelon enterprises listed.. Municipal Supervision Bureau to take the lead to crack down on chinakayao, arbitrary charges, purify the environment for the development of enterprises. The city quality supervision, industry and commerce, science and technology, development and Reform Commission and other departments to increase the intensity of cultivation, the brand in the enterprise technology R & D, funding and project application, to help enterprises improve the quality of development, further bigger and stronger. City People Club bureau should take the initiative to understand the employment needs of enterprises, tailored to various recruitment activities for the enterprise, conveying a shortage of talent. The relevant departments should make concerted efforts to provide quality services for enterprises, to build the development environment better, promote the better and faster development of industrial economy.