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        Xihe Zhang - Henan Ruimei hair Limited by Share Ltd chairman interview

        Zhang Xihe, Henan RuiMei hair Limited by Share Ltd chairman, has been named the " Henan Province three eight red-banner pacesetter ", " Henan Province ten pioneering heroine ", " Henan top ten female factory director ( Manager ) ", " Xuchang outstanding builders of socialism", " the degree of Xu Changnian economic figures " award.


        Reporter: first of all please Zhang to us about Henan RuiMei hair Limited by Share Ltd?

        Zhang: our company is located in Henan province Xuchang Weidu Industrial Park, founded in 1992, the registered capital of 75000000 yuan, the existing staff of more than 3000 people. The company covers an area of 200 mu, building area of 160000 square meters with 10 ISO-14001 standard factory buildings and a modern scientific research and development center. Company's main products are hair curtain, process sends, women's headgear, men's hair pieces, clothing accessories, the mannequin head, then seven series, more than two thousand varieties, the annual production capacity of 12000000 pieces.

        Reporter: does your company have been awarded a total of, which honors in the process of development and growth?

        Zhang: " quality, innovation, sustainable development " is the company has consistently adhered to the core business philosophy. Regarded as the quality of life, and in 2008 passed the ISO-9001 international quality management system certification, the products manufactured pass rate has reached 100%. The company has always attached importance to the development of science and technology and innovation, is the provincial level simulation and Engineering Center, high-tech enterprises are also certified by the state. In an effort to improve the economic benefits at the same time, the enterprise also pay close attention to environmental and social benefits, and in accordance with the ISO-14001 international environmental management system standard, the organization of production and business activities, to ensure the company's sustainable development.

        With excellent performance and good social reputation, the company for ten consecutive years was named Xuchang export advanced enterprises, for eight consecutive years was named the national Shuangyou enterprises with foreign investment. At the same time, the company is in Henan province banking association award of " excellent enterprise credit ", is the focus of the provincial export enterprises that the government of Henan province.

        Reporter: Thank Zhang detailed introduction, believe in Zhang 's leadership, the company will be able to better and faster development!


        The difficulty and the cost of that really up 40% in first half

        In Anhui Taihe County, there will be more than 700 people in the street to buy hair, these people were called " scissors hair products enterprise team ".

        " Now, Taihe County scissors team is estimated to be less than 300. " Zheng Youquan said, because the hair acquisition more and more difficult, so the prices this year have risen 40%, it makes a lot of " scissors " team members to give up the acquisition of.

        "The acquisition of real hair, the price depends on the length of. " Zheng Youquan said, one kilogram of 10 cm long hair, last year's purchase price less than 900 yuan, now has more than 1200 yuan. The rise in prices, the real hair hair products increasingly high prices. To deal with the price rise, this year is to really Rebecca hair products had two times the price, or two times accumulation reached 30%.

        In addition to real prices, labor costs rise, we think that hair products industry still exist the problems of lack of brand, technology promotion, shortage of professional talents etc.. Zheng Youquan also thinks, the development of products in the industry, industry associations should organize the enterprises within the industry joint research and development of new technology, so that the industry has made considerable development.

        Look at the domestic market demand is greater than the actual needs of the market fashion wig

        In foreign countries, we use the wig is often to decoration, and people tend to buy more sets of different styles of wigs, as the women also have several handbags. However, the domestic market demand for them is not so.

        Zhang Xihe said, although Ruimei wig on sales, but she feels to buy a wig mainstream crowd is not fashionable gens. Be born with defects, cancer chemotherapy, tend to be more people buy a wig.

        " Now the situation is, the actual need to buy a wig people, more than the fashion demand. " Xihe Zhang thinks, although this situation is not conducive to hair products industry in domestic, but the domestic environment will gradually improve, in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities, and buy a wig now because of fashion needs are being gradually increased.