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        Ruimeihair: Chinese manufacturing global sharing [ HC hairdressing net ]

        [ HC hairdressing net ] Fourth International Hair Products Exhibition ushered in the domestic industry giant, Henan Rui hairdressing industry exhibition. Golden booth displaying the noble and fashion, the trend of the new show, for many buyers to stop. As the leader of enterprise and industry Henan Rui beautiful hair Limited by Share Ltd how success stories? The editor has the honor to Rui hairdressing industry group marketing director Mr. Wu Zhanpei, let us into the lead, to know the fashion circle story.

        Ruimeihair market department director Wu Zhanpei


        The quality of innovation quality

        Henan Ruimei hair Co. Ltd.

        Marketing Director Mr. Wu Zhanpei said " quality, innovation to small, sustainable development " is the company has consistently adhered to the core business philosophy. Regarded as the quality of life, and in 2008 passed the ISO-9001 international quality management system certification, the products manufactured pass rate has reached 100%. The company has always attached importance to the development of science and technology and innovation, is the provincial level simulation and Engineering Center, high-tech enterprises are also certified by the state. In an effort to improve the economic benefits at the same time, the enterprise also pay close attention to environmental and social benefits, and in accordance with the ISO-14001 international environmental management system standard, the organization of production and business activities, to ensure the company's sustainable development.

        Excellent brand worthy of trust

        With excellent performance and good social reputation, the company for ten consecutive years was named Xuchang export advanced enterprises, for eight consecutive years was named the national Shuangyou enterprises with foreign investment. At the same time, the company is in Henan province banking association award of " excellent enterprise credit ", is the focus of the provincial export enterprises that the government of Henan province. Company chairman Ms. Zhang Xihe, who has been named the " Henan Province three eight red-banner pacesetter ", " Henan Province ten pioneering heroine ", " Henan top ten female factory director ( Manager ) ", " Xuchang outstanding builders of socialism ".

        Full service concept to serve the society

        " Customer service, service staff, service society", Rui beautiful hair has always put service concept into all aspects of business, adhere to their own efforts, to create value for customers, employees to create happiness, to create a harmonious social. Company chairman of miss Zhang Xihe with Rui beautiful hair all the staff, sincerely thank the community for our love and support.

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